tanz theater dialoge - Concept

The work approach aims at bringing together drama, dance and the understanding of dialogue in education as equal elements. Thus emerges a reciprocal enrichment between theatre and other art forms. This approach possesses a strong visual dimension; the attention is placed on the physicalization of the performer. Language is supplemented by body language and questions the predominance of the word.

The “Nationale Integrationsplan 2007” views the insemination of cultural education as a central matter of national concern for cultural integration. By promoting efforts to jointly devise artistic approaches, the discussions concerning cultural similarities as well as differences are especially stimulated. Theatre possesses a potential to foster integration that needs to be exploited.

tanz theater dialoge advocates an inclusive artistic, pedagogic approach, which recognizes the diversity of artistic expressions and permits the teaching artist to choose his/her personal method of operating, its contents and the fusion of different styles and forms.