Cornelia Baumgart, a teacher, dance and theatre educator, considers the association a great chance to unite artistic and pedagogical competences thusly increasing the quality of cultural education. She focuses on linking, interexchange and generating synergies.

Doris Bismarck, a supporting staff in the administration of a Berlin elementary school, views the arts as a source of great potential for communication and understanding.

Gabriele Eisenberg, teaches drama and German.
While staging school performances as a drama teacher she experienced directly the positive impact of drama on young people, in particular when verbal as well as non verbal expressions such as movement and music are integrated. Unfolding creativity and esthetical judgement, physicality, improvement of reading competency, development of empathy, shared identity and responsibility for oneself and for others, all this manifests itself in an improved self- assurance of each participant who can partake in theatre work or who should have the opportunity to do so.

Elisabeth Kahn, a theatre practitioner and educator.
Her special interest focuses on discussing personal, collective and cultural identities through the arts, but most importantly, to encourage an increase of dialogue thought to reduce dichotomous thought, which basically means not perceiving the world around you as black and white.

Bärbel Jochum-Mann, a teacher for German and French at a Berlin Secondary School and Sixth Form College (Gymnasium), she supports the establishment of artistic projects at schools due to her great enthusiasm for the theatre and its educational value.

Richard Mann, a political scientist, has been deeply involved with the association through his interest in studying modern German, American and French Literature and Theatre and Jazz.

Angelika Rost, a teacher at a Berlin elementary school, is convinced that artistic projects contribute to educate young people and influence their emotional development.

David Sutherland, an artist, who is searching for a dialogue between language and movement to surmount playfully the boundaries in between dance and drama.

Cornelia Baumgart, Lehrerin, Tanz- und Theaterpädagogin,

Sieht im Zusammenführen von künstlerischen und pädagogischen Kompetenzen eine große Chance, die Qualität in der kulturellen Bildung zu steigern. Ihr Fokus: Vernetzen, Austauschen, Synergien bündeln.