Project propositions

Foreign language projects:
Language projects offer a supplement to conventional foreign language teachings and its action-oriented approach (move to learn) are filled with imaginative play. The participants are taught by native speakers in English, French and Spanish.
Aim of the artistic foreign language projects:
The young people perceive a foreign language by their senses with the help of artistic activities while approaching a different culture (transcultural learning).

Projects in German:
Dance and theatre projects in German are guided by theatre practitioners experienced in transmitting education work. The focus is on group dynamics involving motor, cognitive and emotional learning.
Aim of the artistic projects:
Dance and theatre projects  support the learners in discovering their own resources and develop their artistic expression.

Content of projects
The content of the projects adapt to the requirements of the target group. Involved might be scripts of international authors, adaptations or utilization of creative writing to inspire creative learning process and student ownership.

Devising the projects:
The content is adapted to the level of understanding of the target audience and the goals of the projects or focus of the school and target group.

Project modules:
Different modules with different length of duration can be booked depending on agreement.

An example for a project:
10 weekly sessions of 90 minutes, plus
1 project week (20 hours), plus
Performance(s)/ presentation

tanz theater dialoge has oriented itself towards the art education model of New York’s Department of Education:

  • Blueprint For Teaching and Learning in the Arts: Dance
  • Blueprint for Teaching and Learning in the Arts: Theater

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